— October 2, 2018

Scanning a House

— August 17, 2018

3D Scanning in the midst of a busy environment

— July 29, 2018

RepairMaps is now offering 3D object scanning

RepairMaps has acquired front line 3D scanning equipment and powerful software to augment the RM product offering

— July 27, 2017

RepairMaps v3.2 - streamlined Wizard Screen 1

RepairMaps v3.2 has been released, and includes some significant changes to the wizard screens used to input Tracked Item data.

— April 11, 2017

RepairMaps v3.1 has been released!

The next version of RepairMaps is better than ever, with sleeker, more responsive pages, revamped Help system, and more!

— December 30, 2016

RepairMaps Keeps Tabs on the Total Doubler Area

RepairMaps can help you with one of the less endearing aspects of maintaining and operating the 737 Classics -- the requirement to constantly monitor the total area of installed doublers on the…

— August 22, 2016

RepairMaps users can now print Aircraft dent logs using the new PDL feature

As hard as we have all tried to move into the digital world, there can be times when a good ol’ piece of paper suits the bill best.

— February 14, 2016

Heavy Check Reliability Maximizes the Task Card Deck Efficiency

— December 1, 2015

RepairMaps v2.6 released

We’re excited to release v2.6 of the RepairMaps system, which includes a number of useful new features, some large, some small.

— November 15, 2015

Aircraft repairs are no longer static displays that can be immediately forgotten after return to service

— October 10, 2015

Redelivery requirements add significant costs to the aircraft leasing model; RepairMaps can help

High redelivery costs and an increasing tendency to outsource heavy maintenance and redelivery exercises are changing the aircraft leasing industry, according to the International Bureau of Aviation…

— October 1, 2015

RepairMaps helps smooth out heavycheck exercises, dramatically improves collaboration within your aviation maintenance regime

Starting in the Fall of 2014 and running consecutively through May 2015, our sister company, ATS, managed a series of heavy check and modification projects for an air cargo operator client based in…