3D Scanning in the midst of a busy environment

statue_scan02.jpgHere we scanned a statue located in Grant Park in Northeast Portland. The process of the scan was straightforward but setup can be crucial in gaining all available data from all angles.

Because the atmosphere around the statue was very busy with playing children and other park activities, we anticipated a heavy workload of post-scan editing to eliminate "noise" and isolate the statue itself. However, we were pleasantly surprised to observe just how far this technology has matured over recent years, such that the capture process was substantially unaffected by this ambient activity and post-scan editing removed all unwanted points/noise and color overlays from the final scan product.

Within just a couple hours, we had taken 12 scans all from different perspectives to get 100% of the statue, resulting in a detailed 3D model with color.

We had multiple scans that captured the face resulting in great detail.

statue_scan03.jpg statue_scan04.jpg