Redelivery requirements add significant costs to the aircraft leasing model; RepairMaps can help

High redelivery costs and an increasing tendency to outsource heavy maintenance and redelivery exercises are changing the aircraft leasing industry, according to the International Bureau of Aviation (IBA), a UK-based aviation consultancy. This trend is increasingly adding significant cost and diverting attention and resources away from the core mission of many in-house MRO operations.  

According to a recently-published IBA research program, the redelivery requirements of a typical commercial operating lease can add millions of dollars ($USD) to an operator’s maintenance costs over and above the baseline maintenance requirements, not least because of increasingly-common lease terms that require redelivery of the aircraft in a condition over and above basic airworthiness.  

"Maintenance tasks are brought forward during the redelivery phase so the airline meets the commercially negotiated conditions for redelivery," said IBA CEO Phil Seymour, as quoted by  "It is inevitable that these tasks, as well as observations made by lessors' representatives at the redelivery, add to the scheduled maintenance costs."

The RepairMaps system offers a core Leasing / Partner module designed to address this very situation, and to help mitigate the increased cost, effort, and risk associated with an end-of-lease exercise.  A lessor can grant a lessee access to an aircraft's data in the RepairMaps system, and require (via lease terms, or simple handshake agreement) the Operator to maintain the aircraft’s repair/damage dataset within the RM system over the lease term. Conversely, the lessee can use the RM system directly to upload and manage the aircraft's dataset, and then demonstrate the condition of the aircraft upon redelivery with a rich dataset.  The Lessee would also have access to a ready-to-use Major Repair Listing, dot program, Aging aircraft compliance tool and more.

In either case, use of the RM system can save both parties significant heartache, by presenting detailed repair/damage data, including photos/documents, data points, and regulatory compliance details, vastly improving confidence in the aircraft's condition and compliance with the technical return conditions as set down in the lease without driving up the expense of the transition check at transfer time.

More information is available on the Product Info page of the RepairMaps web site.  Original article detailing IBA's research findings is available here.