RepairMaps is now offering 3D object scanning

RepairMaps has acquired front line 3D scanning equipment and powerful software in order to improve RepairMaps graphics and usability. However, we are not limiting our capabilities to just scanning aircraft. The top-of-the-line 3D scanner is capable of scanning large objects and has a range of 70 m (230 ft) with an accuracy of 1 mm, and with our advanced software we have unlimited capabilities. We can scan anything from construction sites to objects as small as a golf ball.

Depending on the customer's needs, we can:

  • deliver point cloud data for spatial documentation,
  • create a watertight 3D mesh file ready to be 3d printed,
  • render different views of the scanned data,
  • gather dimensions and cross sectional and volume information,
  • reverse-engineer products, and/or
  • adapt to our customers' needs for useful results.

Here is an example of the raw result of a large object scan (of an early 20th century Gaff Cutter in dry-dock), in this case without any point cloud data processing:


Here is a mesh file of the boat after trimming out all the unnecessary data and transforming the point cloud into a mesh file type.

scan_02.jpg scan_03.jpg scan_04.jpg

Reverse-engineering can be made easy with our exact surface abilities, turning a point cloud into smooth geometric shapes (in this case, smoothing out the raw scan of an armchair into a usable 3D object):

scan_05.jpg scan_06.jpg