RepairMaps v2.6 released

We’re excited to release v2.6 of the RepairMaps system, which includes a number of useful new features, some large, some small.

Arguably the most notable change is the addition of the new User Security Group called Auditors.  Users in this group have an entirely read-only view into your aircraft’s dataset. They can see all data points (attributes, photos, documents, restrictions, pin placements, comments, etc.) for all Tracked Items (regardless of workflow status). However, their access can be further restricted to a subset of your aircraft.  

For example, if your FAA PMI or a DAR with an appropriate function code needs access to your fleet for an Aging Aircraft inspection, you can create an Auditor account for him.  Perhaps the Lessor would like to check in on his asset(s) that are placed with you.  He could be granted access to any aircraft in your fleet leased from him with his access restricted to those particular aircraft

Auditor assignments can be specified for one or more aircraft or one or more Subfleets (another new feature--see further below).


Another refinement included in the new release is the subtly-improved layout of the Review screen. The purpose was to minimize scrolling and maximize the use of screen real estate. For example, the title bar above each of the top four attribute columns now no longer scrolls out of view. Additionally, we’ve moved the TI Synopsis attribute (a very commonly viewed/modified TI attribute) to a more visible location--the bottom right of the Review screen.  It’s also now editable in this location (for those users with sufficient permission to modify this attribute.


We’ve also added a new data entity that will permit organizing large fleets into logical groupings. Called Subfleet, the new organizational tool can be utilized at the Dashboard.  In the current release, this new grouping can be used to specify permissions for users within the new Auditors security group (described above).  In an upcoming release, your Account Administrator will be able to assign individual users to a Subfleet, thus limiting the scope of their Dashboard to those aircraft requiring their constant attention. 


Finally, a new feature about which we’re very excited is designed to make cluttered aircraft maps a little more readable.  Older aircraft, in particular, can accumulate a large number of Tracked Items, pushing many pins very close together (often on the fuselage)--see below.  Pins can now be toggled on/off by TI type, by clicking on each of the pin icons in the legend of any map screen.  Additionally, hovering over any pin icon in the legend will cause those pins on the map to temporarily bounce, shedding further insight into the make-up of a cluttered map. See these new features in action in this short video clip.


All of the new v2.6 features are summarized below:

  • Created new User Group "Auditors" for granting read-only access to one or more Aircraft and TIs

  • Modified logic on Wizard Screen 6 to improve performance (faster loading)

  • Created new "Subfleets" data entity for logical groupings of Aircraft

  • Modified the layout of the TI Review screen, to maximize real estate

  • Modified the TI Review screen to permit editing the TI Synopsis

  • Moved the Workflow Advance buttons on all Wizard screens to maximize usable real estate

  • Removed the Conditionally Finalized tab from the Dashboard

  • Created a new Restriction attribute called "One-time"

  • Added options to the Map interfaces to facilitate filtering TI pins by Type