What is RepairMaps?

RepairMaps is a web-based software service for storing, managing, and reporting on repair/damage data for large aircraft. Targeting Operators and the leasing community alike, the service allows customers to upload and manage various data points relating to an aircraft’s maintenance history, including a wide array of attributes, documentation, damage and repair historical data, photos, and more.

With RepairMaps, operators can:

  • Upload damage/repair data via user-friendly web interfaces,
  • Store/view photos and documents relating to various tracked items,
  • Ensure quality of data via two-party data-entry workflow system,
  • View visual depictions of repair/damage locations and proximity against 2-d aircraft views,
  • Manage various aspects of continued airworthiness,
  • Maintain a list of major Repairs and Alterations,
  • View a constantly updated area calculation for aircraft types for which this is required,
  • Enjoy instant shipside access to data via UID stickers and RepairMaps mobile.


Visual Tracking

Repair/damage items are mapped against 2-dimensional views, yielding visual depictions of proximity, potential conflicts for repair schemes and areas where damage occurs most often.

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RM Mobile

RepairMaps Mobile gives you ship-side access to repair/damage data via smartphone or tablet (compatible with most modern devices).

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